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TIMAB Magnesium will be present at SPACE 2019

20 June 2019

TIMAB Magnesium will be present at SPACE 2019



Meet us in Rennes at the international exhibition for animal production from 10th to 13th September 2019, to talk with our team of magnesium experts at the service of animal nutrition. Our specialists, trained in industrial issues and problems of the world of breeding, have the mission to bring you specific nutritional solutions.

At TIMAB Magnesium we put our expertise and innovation at the heart of our approach, to offer you high-performance solutions that meet the challenges of animal nutrition.

Magnesium is one of the macro-minerals commonly found in the ruminants’ ration. It plays an important role in any organism, participating in more than 300 metabolic reactions. The benefits of magnesium are often underestimated. This is why we would like to raise the awareness of all the animal nutrition stakeholders of its importance, in order to better tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Magnesium in animal nutrition: learn more

Our subsidiary MAGNA at METEC 2019

18 June 2019

The world’s leading experts will meet at METEC, the international exhibition of metallurgy, foundry and steel production.

The show will take place in Dusseldorf from 25 to 29 June 2019.

MAGNA, a preferred supplier of refractory steel products, robots and technicians, is waiting for you on booth 4G26 in hall 4.

Learn more about our subsidiary specialized in refractory magnesia

Meet us at PISC conference !

15 May 2019

Our animal nutrition experts are attending the annual Purchasing & Ingredient Suppliers Conference (PISC) in the USA.

This conference, organized by the American Feed Industry Association, is currently taking place at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida.

Do not hesitate on contacting us to arrange a meeting, and discover how our know-how, innovations, and expertise can fit your needs !

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MAGFORUM 2019 sponsored by TIMAB Magnesium and MAGNA !

08 May 2019
MAGFORUM 2019 Bilbao

TIMAB Magnesium and MAGNA are proud to announce MAGFORUM 2019. This global reach event is the place to be to meet the main players of Magnesium of the world.

This year, TIMAB Magnesium and MAGNA are lead sponsors of the event that will take place in Bilbao, Spain, 13-15 May 2019. A series of high-level conferences, meetings, round tables, dedicated to leading experts in the magnesia minerals market.

The event starts with the conference by MAGNA board “From the mine to the steel mill” Tuesday at 9.30 !


Sulphur Cap

07 May 2019
on-board desulphurisation sulfur treatment

Sulphur Cap


Meet us on the SULPHURCAP event, to be held in Amsterdam on May 8th and 9th, 2019.

We are proud to present MH53S Mare, our special alkali to tackle the new Sulphur regulations challenges, and to contribute to safety, efficiency and reliability for the maritime industry.

Do not hesitate to visit our Maritime Desulphurization team on our booth co-hosted with our strategic partner NEDMAG !


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AISTech Magna

03 May 2019
magnesia for the steel industry

AISTech Magna USA


From May 6th to 9th, our subsidiary MAGNA, specializing in refractory magnesies for steel mills, will be present at the AISTech show in Pittsburgh, USA.

This show is the rendezvous of industrial industry in the USA.

Visit us on Booth 951 !



Ceramics Expo

19 April 2019
Magnesium-based components for ceramics production

Ceramics Expo, Cleveland


Need Magnesium-based components for ceramics production ?

TIMAB Magnesium US will be attending the annual “Ceramics Expo”  

conference and exhibition from April 29 – May 1 in Cleveland, OH.

Our TIMAB Magnesium sales team will welcome you around.  

Feel free to contact us !



Tri-state dairy nutrition conference (USA)

16 April 2019
Magnesium in dairy nutrition

Tri-state dairy nutrition conference (USA)

The “Tri-state dairy nutrition conference” will be held in a few days.

It will take place on April 22-24, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet our experts, and find out more about the importance of magnesium in dairy cows nutrition!

To discover our innovation pHix-up and meet our representative, click below:


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Argus Asia Fertilizer

05 April 2019
magnesium for vegetal production

Argus Asia Fertilizer

Our teams will be attending the Argus Asia Fertilizer event, which will take place in Shanghai from April 10 to 12, 2019.

Do not hesitate to contact us to meet them on this occasion!

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Réseau Crystal

01 April 2019
veterinary magnesium-based products

Veterinarians meet our experts


Few days ago, TIMAB Magnesium organized a technical meeting with a cluster of Ruminants experts from «RéseauCristal», French veterinary group.

The workshop gave both the opportunity to learn more about each activity and cross our visions on magnesium-based products.

It was very interesting to understand better how the vets advise farmers on acidosis, and to share our magnesium expertise with them.

The importance of Magnesium in Animal Nutrition


MH53S press release

13 March 2019
flue gaz treatment desulfurization

Discover MH53S Mare for your maritime desulfurization


MH53S Mare : TIMAB Magnesium and NEDMAG enter into a strategic partnership to optimize the development of an innovative alkali product for flue gas desulfurization in the maritime industry.

Among the technical alternatives available to the maritime industry to face this environmental challenge, Marine Gas Scrubber Systems are due to play a prominent role by dramatically reducing SOx content in vessels’ exhaust. Ahead of this transformation of the maritime industry, NEDMAG and TIMAB MAGNESIUM have jointly developed an innovative Magnesium Hydroxide product called MH53S MARE with the objective of offer vessels’ owners, operators and their crews the best alkali source for their scrubber operations.


Specialty & Custom Chemicals America US

04 February 2019

Specialty & Custom Chemicals America

TIMAB Magnesium US will be attending the inaugural “Specialty & Custom Chemicals America” conference and exhibition from Feb 11-14 in Fort Worth, TX. Our TIMAB Magnesium sales Team will welcome you around.

Feel free to contact us !

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Hapy new year !

08 January 2019

The entire TIMAB Magnesium team wishes you a successful year!

Full week of technical training for our teams !

01 February 2019

Full week of technical training for our teams !

TIMAB Magnesium Industrial Applications sales and technical teams from all over the world have gathered together in January in our Global Innovation Centre in France for one week.

Optimizing our solutions and products to meet our customers’ specific demands and expectations is at the core of TIMAB Magnesium mission. For that purpose, our sales and technical teams had the opportunity to deepen further their interactions in two ways :

  • Promoting the demands from the market to improve further our added value
  • Improve further our understanding of each of our customer’s application, for our commercial team to be able to provide them with the best possible level of support

Would you need to know how TIMAB Magnesium team can support you as per your magnesium related projects : please do not hesitate on contacting us !


Pollutec 2018

29 October 2018
water and gas treatment

Meet our Environment experts at POLLUTEC 2018!



POLLUTEC, the international exhibition of equipment, technologies and environmental services will be held in Lyon from November 27 to 30.

The engineers of our Environment team, specialists in water treatment and desulfurisation, will be there to present you our innovative solutions.

Take advantage of this professional event to meet them.

Contact us to organize your individual appointment.

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pHix-up results published in The Journal of Dairy Science !

24 October 2018
pHix up trial results

pHix-up results published in The Journal of Dairy Science !


TIMAB Magnesium has launched “pHix-up”, a natural solution to maintain ruminal pH and address this frequent issue in dairy cows. The development of this Magnesium-based solution is the result of extensive research. In-vitro and in-vivo trials have demonstrated its high level of performance. Already appreciated by the market, its results have been published by the prestigious Journal of Dairy Science® !

The official journal of the American Dairy Science Association®, Journal of Dairy Science® (JDS) is the top-ranked dairy research journal in the world. JDS is what we call a “peer-reviewed” journal, meaning that our trial design, results and conclusions have been validated by independent experts in dairy nutrition.
It is an indisputable guarantee of the scientific community. Another step forward for pHix-up


TIMAB Magnesium at EuroTier 2018

09 July 2018

TIMAB Magnesium at Eurotier in Hanover from November 13 to 16.

Meet us at EUROTIER in Hall 20Stand C35 to discover our commodities and animal nutrition innovations (every day from 9am to 6pm).

TIMAB Magnesium is a European leader in Animal and Plant Nutrition applications. We place R&D at the core of our processes and we innovate daily to better meet our customers’ requirements and to rise to the global challenge of improving nutritional performance.

Supported daily by its experts and the R&D of Groupe Roullier, TIMAB Magnesium has a continuous innovation policy. Our commitments are based on our results. These come from the development of more cutting edge and precise solutions in line with customer needs.

With its own mining and industrial facilities, TIMAB Magnesium commits to the full traceability and safety of its products. Its partner producer network is coordinated under ISO & GMP standards to ensure its customers obtain high quality products selected for their zootechnical and nutritional benefits.

TIMAB Magnesium is responsive to its customers through its sales teams and technical managers operating throughout the world. Our Animal nutrition specialists trained in industrial issues and farming problems provide specific nutritional and technical solutions.

Supported by its global logistics network, TIMAB Magnesium offers its services at the heart of farming areas and shows continuous determination to provide a local consultancy service.

Our animal nutrition expertise

Successful World Dairy Expo in the US 

16 October 2018
World Dairy Expo

Successful World Dairy Expo in the US 


From the 2nd to 6th of October, TIMAB Magnesium was present at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. Our animal feed US team along with R&D team and our distribution partners were there to introduce pHix-up, our specialty product dedicated to dairy cows.


This event, visited by more than 60,000 persons from more than 10 countries, was an excellent opportunity to share time, to strengthen our partnership with our commercial partners, share our latest results with nutritionists, and to exchange with the numerous dairy farmers attending this event.


The feedback was great: “Very interesting product”, “Wanna try!”, “More fat, more health, more money, let’s go!”

Neutralization of wastewater

06 May 2019
wastewater neutralisation

Neutralization of wastewater


TIMAB Magnesium, with its team dedicated to environmental applications, is more and more requested to provide manufacturers with magnesium hydroxide for their wastewater treatment, in particular for neutralization.

In all industrial processes requiring water, particular care is given to the treatment of wastewater before discharging it back into the natural environment.

For all these applications, caustic soda is still the most common reagent, used for its neutralizing power on wastewater.

Nevertheless, this product is more and more questioned because it has several notorious disadvantages.


TIMAB Magnesium offers an exclusive alternative: liquid magnesium hydroxide, more relevant in terms of safety, economy, and efficiency.

Why and how ? Read the full article here 

AGRI MALAYSIA 27>29 Sept 2018

08 October 2018

AGRI MALAYSIA, a showcase for CR-MAG

Last week, TIMAB Magnesium was present at AGRI MALAYSIA, an international agriculture technology exhibition.
In total, during three days, almost 9500 persons visited AGRI MALAYSIA event.
This includes farmers, distributors, fertilizer producers, and chemical producers.

Our local team have met our clients and prospects on our booth to launch our specialty CR-MAG (Controlled Released Magnesium).
One of our R&D researchers, specialized in Plant Nutrition, has come to give a conference, introducing this new and innovative product.

He and the sales team have received a real interest from the market. Not a surprise when we know how important magnesium is for an optimal fertilization !


Request more information

Meet us at World Dairy Expo USA !

18 September 2018

TIMAB USA will be at World Dairy Expo 2018

The World Dairy Expo is one of the largest dairy shows in the world. In the last editions, the World Dairy Expo had more than 74,000 attendees and 880 companies from 30 countries. During the five-day event, dairy breeders have the opportunity to show their best animals and companies have the opportunity to present the most recent technologies available to the dairy industry.

As Timab USA is continually developing top-notch magnesium products for dairy cattle, we will be at the 2018 World Dairy Expo to introduce pHix-up (innovative natural buffer agent) and our entire portfolio of magnesium products.

It is an exciting time for the dairy industry and Timab USA. Come to visit us at the booth 159 located at the arena level and learn more about the benefits of partnering with a company specialized in magnesium and committed with innovation, responsibility, security, and results to our customers.

Contact our US team !

TIMAB Magnesium will be at AGRI Malaysia Exhibition

25 July 2018
Agri Malaysia


TIMAB Magnesium will be at AGRI Malaysia Exhibition (Selangor – Kuala Lumpur) from September 27 to 29, 2018.

Meet us in Stand C10 to discover our commodities and plant nutrition innovations.


Article in “L’alimentation Animale”

06 September 2018
L alimentation animale

Another article for PHIX-UP !

A new article about TIMAB Magnesium has been published in July’s edition of “L’alimentation animale” (Animal Feed), a magazine dedicated to the news of Animal Nutrition Industry in France.

Facing the difficulties in supplying the sodium bicarbonate, the article demonstrates the power of pHix-up against the risk of subclinical acidosis in ruminants.

Click on the picture to read the article (in French) 

Website La Revue de l’Alimentation Animale

Interview Feed Info

03 July 2018

Interview FEED INFO

Feedinfo is the world’s leading provider of business and financial information for global agribusiness, food additives and biotechnology companies.

A reference for the actors of nutrition and animal health.

Discover the interview FEED INFO has dedicated to our flagship product: pHix-up!



Securing dairy cows grazing season in spring

04 April 2018
grass tetany or hypomagnesemia

Securing dairy cows grazing season in spring


Dairy farms with high production potential can cope with different problems related to the farming system. In spring, a metabolic disease risk appears, it is the grass tetany (or hypomagnesemia).

This disease is characterized by neuromuscular and digestive disorders, accompanied by a decrease in ingestion and milk production, which can lead to the animal death in the most serious cases.

After three years of research and in vivo studies, Timab Magnesium has developed pHix-up, an innovative natural alkalizing.