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Commercial farm test in Italy

Effects of pHix-up have been proved on 285 highly productive dairy cows. Cows producing on average 40 L/cow/day were divided in two groups. Both groups received the same diet except for the dietary buffer.


Cows receiving 125 g/cow/day of pHix-up instead of sodium bicarbonate at 300 g/cow/day spent 60% less time with a ruminal pH≤5.8 within a week, which shows the direct and potent effect of pHix-up. Proven efficiency in maintaining optimal ruminal pH leads to improvement in milk production parameters. In paired cows, milk yield was 2.8 kg higher of 4% Fat Corrected Milk for cows receiving pHix-up rather than sodium bicarbonate.

Commercial farm with robotic milking in Chile

On this farm, using a robotic milking machine pHix-up was introduced as part of the PMR, mixed with the forage and concentrates. This study was comparing two groups of 480 lactating cows. Sodium sesquicarbonate and MgO have been replaced by pHix-up in one group, whereas the diet of the second group remained unchanged.

Effect of pHix-up supplementation on ruminal pH and milk production of lactating dairy cows as shown by, milk yield and protein produced were significantly higher with pHix-up +2.4 litres/cow/day. Furthermore pHix-up had direct effect on ruminal pH, as time spent with pH<5.8 was halved.

pHix-up allows to maintain an improved ruminal pH and to increase milk production in quantity and in quality.

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