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Fast and long-lasting effect

pHix-up neutralizes 2.5x to 3.25x times more acid than commonly used products such as sodium bicarbonate. Its action is fast and its effect continues for 6 hours. As a result, pHix-up maintains an optimal ruminal pH between two feedings, optimizes milk production and maintains milk fat content in cows fed with energy-rich and consequently acidogenic diets.​

pHix-up is a natural product, obtained without any chemical transformation or additives.

In-vivo study in Spain

In June 2017, TIMAB Magnesium performed an in-vivo study in the experimental farm of BLANCA, in collaboration with Dr. Alex Bach (IRTA), to evaluate the efficiency of pHix-up in stabilizing rumen pH under experimentally induced sub-acute acidosis conditions.

In this study, 30 dairy cows (Holstein) split into 3 groups: control (no additive), pHix-up (0.5% DMI) and sodium bicarbonate (1% DMI) received a diet where the amount of barley was progressively increased to create an acidogenic diet (from +1 kg/d to +3 kg/d).


Journal of Dairy Science


The study lasted 30 days. Cows in pHix-up group had a higher rumen pH than control cows (with bicarbonate cows showing intermediate values) when the barley challenge was 3 kg/d. Moreover, these cows spent less time with a pH<5.8 than cows in the control or sodium bicarbonate group. ​

Also, cows with pHix-up had a higher dry matter intake and an increased milk production, in quantity and quality.​

We are proud to announce that pHix-up in-vivo results were published in Journal of Dairy Science (read here).


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