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Magnesium boards

A better and safer alternative to traditional materials for Magnesium boards

Magnesium boards bring an innovative and highly competitive alternative to traditional building materials. Its cost competitiveness combined with its insulation properties make it a material of choice to insulate buildings. Magnesium board also actively prevents mold growth and is impervious to water, fire, insects  and chemicals. It comes in various size and thickness which make it ideal for many applications such as firewall  ceiling,  soffit  or structural panels.

Our comprehensive range of Magnesium oxide can be tailored to specific requirements  such as the texture, the color, the flexibility or the hardness you need.

ehensive range of Magnesium oxide can be tailored to specific requirements  such as the texture, the color, the flexibility or the hardness you need.


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Anti-skid materials

Emery for anti-skid applications


The aluminum oxide aggregates, also known as “Emery” are the best all-round granulated material available for anti-skid and wear resistant applications. Thanks to its rough surface, it matches perfectly with the bonding material and the grain provides excellent anti-skid characteristics.


Our patented solution Mandurax®


The anti-skid material Mandurax® offers a high resistance to weather conditions  and will not be affected by acids, alkalis, oils, petrol or grease. For industrial flooring as well as warehouses, aerospace,  ships,  building  ramps,  oil platforms, and helicopter platforms,  Mandurax®  is the ideal solution thanks to its very high grip properties. We can provided you with various grain sizes from 63 micron to 50 mm and various mixes of grain sizes.

We offer assistance in the selection of the correct grain size for each particular application of Mandurax®.


Magnesium oxide for cement applications

Magnesium is a key component of several types of cement :

  • Magnesium oxychloride (MOC)
  • Magnesium oxysulfate (MOS)
  • Magnesium phosphate (MPC)
  • Magnesium silicate hydrate (MSH)

They find use in a large variety of specific applications. Our MgO grades offer the specific features which are key for strong performance in each of these cements formulation.

Consistent chemistry especially low lime, as well as controlled reactivity, adapted to each specific application are the crucial qualities of our products for successful use in these applications.

Natural Magnesium products for industrial flooring

SOREL cement is a material of very significant interest for industrial flooring. Made of Magnesium oxide mixed to Magnesium chloride, Sorel cement has different advantages : durability  wear resistance and self-leveling property. A floor made of this material does not contain hazardous chemicals and fulfills all ecological requirements. Nowadays  Sorel cement floors are increasingly used for their natural aesthetics.

High-tech material made of a Magnesium oxide for Mag-phosphate cement

The high-tech material made of a Magnesium oxide reacting with a soluble phosphate  has a rapid set with a very high strength. It also offers a good adhesion to many aggregates and substrates. Magnesium phosphate cement also has a good water and freeze thaw resistance.

These features make MPC a material of choice especially in demanding projects as regards the execution timeline (road repairs, airstrips repairs, etc.)

Our expertise to control Magnesium oxide characteristics

Due to the extremely fast setting time,  our expertise in controlling Magnesium oxide reactivity and density is the key to provide you with the most suitable grade for your applications.

Our stringent quality control procedures, combined with up market packing allow our products to have highly consistent quality over time.

We provide you with several grades of natural Magnesium products suitable for industrial flooring. Our products ensure highly resistant and stable flooring with consistent setting times especially.

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