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Rubber & plastic

Magnesium in Rubber & Plastics

Magnesium is compounded in rubbers that contain halogen or nitrogen- carbon bonds. MgO is added in certain rubbers. Depending on polymer type, MgO has different action, from compounding to the final product.


The different roles of Magnesia in rubbers

Depending on the polymer type, MgO can play different roles…

  • Acid scavenger
  • Scorch controller (vulcanization retarder)
  • Vulcanization or curing agent
  • Vulcanization accelerator activator
  • Heat stabilizer
  • Acid neutralizer
  • Color stabilizer
  • Thickening agent
  • Rheology modifier


The different specifications of Magnesia for rubbers and plastics

We offer a large range of Magnesium oxide grades. The specifications in purity, granulometry and specific surface area can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

For this application as well, our quality system robustness combined with our awareness of product consistency requirements allow us to build up long term relationship with our customers.

We believe that this partnership is what creates the best value for money for our customers.


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Flame retardant

The added-value of Magnesium hydroxide as flame retardant


Magnesium hydroxide powder is designed for use as an effective fire retardant and smoke suppressing additive, achieving high values of flame retardancy, low smoke emission and toxic gas absorption without detrimental effects to mechanical properties. Its stable processing allows it to be incorporated into the polymer at the required loading without unduly affecting performance characteristics. In contact with fire, it decomposes according to an endothermic reaction, releasing diluent gas, at temperatures close to the decomposition of the polymer.


Our natural fine ground Magnesium hydroxide is intensively used as a flame retardant in thermoplastic and elastomer polymer compounds. It can also be used as a component of paints and resins, TPO roofing and flooring applications and in Aluminum Composite panels.


Our references


Our synthetic and natural Magnesium hydroxide grades are produced with consistent and controlled chemical composition.

We provide Magnesium hydroxide for a flame-retardant action in a wide range of applications :

  • wire and cable
  • aluminum composite panels
  • roofing membranes
  • flooring
  • etc.


Our products for flame retardant applications


The chemical composition of our product, their particle size distribution, the availability of different types of coating, or even the mastering of the crystal shape of our products : all these parameters are key for a perfect performance in your formulations. This is the reason why we offer a comprehensive range of products for this application. Our commercial team will be happy to guide you through it for a successful project.

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