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TIMAB Magnesium

With TIMAB Magnesium, but also with its subsidiaries MAGNESITAS NAVARRAS and MAGNESIUM DO BRASIL, Groupe Roullier has developed an expertise that is unique worldwide, in the three applications of magnesia: agricultural, industrial and refractories, 

The synergies resulting from this structure have strengthened the business model of TIMAB Magnesium.

Innovation at the heart of TIMAB Magnesium

As specialists of Magnesium, we put R&D at the heart of our approach and innovate every day to meet the needs of our customers and the challenge of seeking effective nutrition.

TIMAB Magnesium development teams are suported by the pilot plant “CERA” and by the world innovation Centre Mondial de l’Innovation “CMI”, both built by Groupe Roullier.

VIDEO Centre Mondial de l’Innovation

Integrated mines and plant

With two integrated production sites – Magnesitas Navarras and Magnesium do Brazil, we can ensure full traceability for our products. Thanks to our network of partners and strategic alliances, the TIMAB Magnesium sales network is always available to respond to our customers’ needs.


Priority is given to quality and security of supply

Alliances expand the distribution network whilst keeping focus on product quality, full traceability and supply chain reliability.

In June 2012, TIMAB Magnesium added its own sourcing bureau in China to its business, in the mineral resources heartland of Liaoning. The aims were to expand the range, and service our Asian customers, seeking high-potential products.


A unique expertise on the three applications of magnesia

The strength of a group and the expertise of a specialist

Within the Roullier Group, four entities are dedicated to the Magnesia business. Among them, TIMAB Magnesium is specialized in agricultural and industrial applications.

TIMAB Magnesium is a Groupe Roullier company, whose core business is the wholesale of Magnesium products.

TIMAB Magnesium is the European leader in agricultural applications, and a recognized player in the field of industrial applications.