MH53S Mare performances

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MH53S Mare is a Magnesium hydroxide suspension specifically engineered
to answer the needs of the marine DeSOx EGCS (Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems):


contrary to alternative alkali sources, MH53S Mare is a non-hazardous material, which contributes positively to crew safety.


an extremely high purity product of controlled composition


thanks to the very strong alkali power of Magnesium

Smooth operation

an Easy-to-use suspension thanks to its best-in-class stability properties.


The safest
scrubber system uses MH53S

  • Minimizing risk when spillage might occur

  • Handling non-hazardous goods on board


Consistent quality
for a durable scrubber system

  • Extremely low calcium content: CaO <0,68%  –  No gypsum precipitation

  • Extremely low silicium content: SiO2 <0,17%  –  No abrasion

  • Very consistant particle size: 2 µm D50  –  No operational issues


The strongest
chemical alkali power

  • Volume reduction up to 30% vs. Caustic soda

  • Less volume to bring on board before SOx operation

  • Economic benefit

Smooth operation

An easy to handle
scrubber system

  • A very stable suspension due to the ultra fine particle size distribution (PSD) and special formulation

  • Easy to re-disperse

  • Easy to pump thanks to its controlled viscosity

  • Easy to store and transport

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