Support and partnership

More than a provider, we are also a partner

TIMAB Magnesium is able to handle the whole implementation of Magnesium based reactive in your installation. We offer a complete service, from effluent sampling for laboratory diagnosis to tailor-made doses prescription.

We also offer a full support for the implementation and follow-up of industrial trials.

Support in MH53S use

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to MH53S

The easy implementation of a trial

Product storage

+ Equipment:
pumping and agitation

+ Delivery on site
from nearby warehouse

This setup is key to offer you an optimized solution for your process, with no investment on your side.

This has been proven by the excellent results we have been achieving in the following industries : dairy, cheese plant, public or industrial water treatment plant, breweries, pastries, slaughterhouses, paper mills…
Our reference list and case studies are available on request.

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